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We are creating the infrastructure services to equip cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with powerful, convenient and the most universal tools. 



The SCRIV Network | SCRIV Official Mining Pool launch
The SCRIV Network | Minor pre-launch and after-launch marketing campaign
SCRIV | SCRIV blockchain genesis block – 10th March 2018
SCRIV | Exchange fast listing – Graviex
SCRIV | Decentralized exchange listing – BarterDEX
SCRIV | Listing confirmation at VicEX  |  pending


The SCRIV Network | Major marketing campaign
The SCRIV Network | Community bounty campaign
The SCRIV Network | Release of reworked website and whitepaper
SCRIV | Hardfork, to bring improved low-emission economy model
SCRIV | Essential listings: MNO, CoinLib, calendars, mining calculators, etc.
Data Assurance | Market research and analysis
StackOfStake | Service v.1.0 release – exclusive for SCRIV holders
StackOfStake | Scalability Update development
Universal Miner | Development start


SCRIV | Crex24 exchange listing
Data Assurance | Integration posibility evaluation – data transfer, IPFS, files size and service scalability
Data Assurance | Priorities change – focus on other ecosystem services
StackOfStake | Service v.2.0 Public Release
StackOfStake | First partnerships and projects listed
Universal Miner | Core application development
Universal Miner | New features, integrations, and improvement research


SCRIV | Coinmarketcap listing
SCRIV | STEX exchange listing
StackOfStake | Security audit by Cryptech Services
Universal Miner | Profitability switching and pool management algorithms development
Universal Miner | Internal alpha test


  The SCRIV Network | Marketing campaign
The SCRIV Network | Whitepaper v.2.0 release
  SCRIV | SCRIV Insight block explorer launch | CoinExplorer has required functions
SCRIV | Android, iOS wallets release
StackOfStake | Premium plan release (advanced statistics and usability) – to be paid in SCRIV
  StackOfStake | Mobile apps for Android and iOS release
  StackOfStake | Service public API release
  Universal Miner | Demo version release
Universal Miner | UI/UX improvement


SCRIV | Web wallet release
SCRIV | Paper wallet release
 SCRIV | Bigger exchange listing
Data Assurance | Hardfork/swap of SCRIV for full compatibility with new protocol
Data Assurance | Service alpha version release
StackOfStake | Express Trade feature release
StackOfStake | Service v.3.0 release – details to be announced in future
Universal Miner | Public release


The SCRIV Network | StackOfStake Express Trade feature becomes a separate ecosystem product
SCRIV | Desktop lite wallet release
 SCRIV | Coin burn
Data Assurance | Service public release
Data Assurance | IPFS integration
Data Assurance | Public API beta release
Data Assurance | IoT Integration research
 SCRIV Express Trade | Non-masternode coins listing



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