The technology of assuring and timestamping of any digital data in unified blockchain. Main attention is payed to safety, impartiality and cost-efficiency of data assuring, without an attraction of third-party.

High speed and capacity

Using our Queue technology, we are able to process more than 100 data sets/second, extract their unique secure cryptographic identifiers, build a cryptographic tree with all this data in real time and publish the result to our SCRIV blockchain. 4 MB block ensures that all queued data will be assured in the shortest possible time.

Privacy orientation

All assuring data are being encrypted with cryptographic identifiers (hashes) before hitting SCRIV blockchain. Since hashes are oneway cryptographic algorithms, you can still prove that a determinate hash relates to your data, but nobody will ever be able to obtain your data by only having its hash.

Third-party protection

There is no more necessity in scriveners and lawyers, blockchain is performing all their jobs safer and faster.


Our Roadmap RoadMap

March 2018

Discord invitational campaign

SCRIV coin announce and release

Masternode pre-sale

April 2018

Website redesign

Wallet redesign

Low/mid-tier coinmarketcap-compatible exchange listing

Minor marketing campaign

Masternode sale

Distribution the memorable gifts to masternode pre-sale winners.

May 2018

Major marketing campaign launch

Twitter promotional campaign

Bitcointalk signature campaign

Q2 2018

Protocol modification

IPFS service integration

Beta version of assurance service release

Youtube bounty campaign

Q3 2018

Lite wallet release

Release of full-functional SCRIV network

High-tier exchange listing

Partnership announcement

Q4 2018

Android, iOS clients release

Web-wallet release

Public API release


IoT integration (Raspberry PI, Arduino, etc.)

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