The ever-growing ecosystem

We develop an infrastructure services to equip cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with powerful, convenient, and universal instruments. 

Our ecosystem

SCRIV NETWORK is providing a wide variety of tools to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors


SCRIV is a cryptocurrency based on the Tribus mining algorithm and DASH codebase, which is featuring fast transactions and masternodes.

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StackOfStake is leading staking and masternode investment platform with 50+ cryptocurrencies supported.

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Universal Miner

The Universal Miner is an advanced managing and monitoring application for CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC mining farms.

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Trading algorithms

Our team is working on the development of complex trading algorithms that can be suitable for arbitrage, market making, trend trading and more.

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SCRIV NETWORK | SCRIV Official Mining Pool launch
SCRIV NETWORK | Release of reworked website and whitepaper
SCRIV | SCRIV blockchain genesis block – 10th March 2018
SCRIV | Exchange fast listing – Graviex
SCRIV | Network hardfork (to bring improved low-emission economy model)
StackOfStake | Service v.1.0 release – exclusive for SCRIV holders
StackOfStake | Scalability Update development

SCRIV | Crex24 and STEX exchanges listing
Data Assurance | Priorities change – focus on other ecosystem services
StackOfStake | Service v.2.0 Public Release
StackOfStake | Security audit by Cryptech Services
StackOfStake | First partnerships and projects listed
Universal Miner | Internal alpha test

SCRIV NETWORK | Marketing campaign
SCRIV | SCRIV block explorer with API – partnership with
StackOfStake | Mobile apps for Android and iOS release
StackOfStake | Public API release
Universal Miner | Demo version release

StackOfStake | Development of StackOfStake v.3.0 update – 80% done
Trading Algorithms | Research & Development launched

SCRIV | Web and paper wallets release
SCRIV | Non-custodial Android and iOS wallets release – partnership with Flits App
StackOfStake | Update v.3.0 release
StackOfStake | Partner API release and first business clients onboarding
Universal Miner | Public release

SCRIV NETWORK | StackOfStake Express Trade feature becomes a separate ecosystem product
Trading Algorithms | Service release for business clients
Express Trade | Non-masternode coins listing


We are the team of professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world

Lova | Founder, COO


QLee | Founder, CTO

MSV | Lead developer

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