Hello Lova here,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our loyal and ever-growing community a happy and prosperous new year with help from SCRIV! Thank you for your continued support and your messages of encouragement. We are also delighted that over the holidays, SCRIV reached 400 SATS.

We have achieved a lot last year but it is just a mere start. We have some exciting plans for this coming year. We have launched and are still developing our hugely popular Shared Masternode service StackofStake and are working on our MSV-Automating Software. We have a hugely talented team of developers and have some additional staff to tell you about in the piece below.

We have been flattered by the support of our community and couldn’t have hoped for a more enthusiastic, hardworking and dedicated community. We have noticed a lot of comradery amongst the community members which we find inspiring and we really do appreciate the welcome ye give to new members.

Our last Project Status Update received some great feedback, so these updates will be a regular publication going forward. In this article we chat a little about the people who are involved in the SCRIV project, our exciting upcoming marketing campaigns, and some PR events. Enjoy your insight into the coming weeks ahead!

Our Team

We are always on the lookout for talent to add to our SCRIV team. We recently recruited 2 fantastic people to the marketing department. Currently, we have 4 people working hard on marketing/promotional research and strategies testing. The marketing plan has been developed with some great input from our community which we have taken on board. We are more than happy with this plan.

As you already probably know, our StackOfStake upcoming killer-feature called Express Trade (learn about it here) will be a big part of this marketing drive. We have got a world class trading & optimization algorithms’ developer. He is working on the API to be utilized by our Express Trade feature.

SCRIV are now also recruiting a Graphic &UI Designer, Front-End Developer & Asset Scoring & Market Analysis Professional. Any referrals are encouraged. You can check the requirements for these positions on our Careers page. Please, send your CV to [email protected] or [email protected].

Marketing Campaign

We are planning to launch the Marketing Campaign in February 2019. It will include a large number of activities, which will fill the masternode & crypto space with exciting information about SCRIV & its Eco-System.

These activities will include but are not limited to:
Banner Advertising (including masternodes.online), press releases, publications on several well-known websites with highly targeted traffic, Popular crypto YouTube influencers with large follower numbers reviewing our coin and services, as well as an array of community contests. This list will be evolving to take opportunities as they arise which will help get the word out about our exciting Eco-System.

If you would like to have your say on our SCRIV marketing plans feel free to share your ideas on Twitter (Tag @scriv_network in your tweet), in Telegram or at Discord. All ideas are welcomed and considered.

Due to requests from the community, the donation program is reenabled. If you would like to make a personal contribution to SCRIV NETWORK’s success, please donate your cryptocurrency to one of these addresses below:

BTC          13eWRNJgE9fvvnqhsvaGqshyhpDh1WjvoQ
ETH         0x24AB6cE22A719e7930ddb81Ae30460b850187eCe
LTC          LSEWKrXdiywC91KqNQbvZeRGqjxRwEGGrr
SCRIV      seKkB9LzfnedYR4aAt2gzeM3VW217W6vXS

Anything spent from these donations will be reported in a Project Status Update after the completion of our marketing campaign along with a list of our generous donors.

PR Activities

Nigeria Meet Up

Thanks to the initiative of our Scriv Community Manager Adigun Enoch, we are proud to announce our 1st live event – SCRIV NETWORK MEET UP. Indeed, there will be 2 meet ups, held in Lagos & Ibadan in Nigeria, which will take place in January 2019. Exact dates and locations will be announced nearer the time.

Adigun will make a business style presentation of SCRIV NETWORK and its Eco-System to local investors and crypto enthusiasts, incorporating current achievements, future plans with an emphasis on the investment opportunity.

Nigeria is a crypto hotspot with crypto often being the daily conversation amongst its nationals. We expect these events to bring some more investors and potential partners could be acquired also.

I am sure you will agree with me, when I say, exciting times are coming for SCRIV. Thanks for your time and attention.

Prepared by Lova, reviewed by Nigel S.

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