Hey, there. Lova with you!

This is the first blog post in a couple of months. I know, not very fair on our part, but I have a couple of exciting reasons for why it’s been so long.

First, theĀ delivery of several amazing products. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare šŸ™‚

StackOfStake Scalability update

The long-awaited update to our shared masternode service is finally here and this update ushers in the ultimate experience in staking automation, performance, andĀ intuitive usability.

Update features include:
  • 0-click-masternode-launchtm;
  • full automation;
  • instant masternode join;
  • instant coin withdrawal;
  • no deposit or withdrawal fee*;
  • auto-reinvest;
  • no minimum deposit / masternode join amount;
  • rewards from any amount.

*We are charging only a transaction fee to prevent service abuse.

Today, 19th Set 2018, we are launching a closed beta test, which will continue until OctĀ 1st, 2018. If you are interested in taking part, join the StackOfStake Discord channel and fill outĀ the application form. All beta testers will be rewarded with SCRIV.

Later, we will implement some new amazing features, not available at any other deployment or shared service. This features will be available with theĀ SOS Premium subscription, which will be paid in SCRIV (with discount), BTC or DASH. We will publish a more detailed article soon. Subscribe to our SteemIt and Medium and don’tĀ miss it!



Universal Miner Announcement

Another big news item we have to share is that we will be releasing an amazing mining solution in coming months.

This miner is mainly developed by our core team member – MSV. It will be available as a monthly subscription as well as with lifetime license plans. You will be able to pay in SCRIV (with discount) or BTC.

The functionality and features it combines are not currently available on any other platform.

These features include:
  • Cross-platform – Windows or Linux;
  • CPU, GPU, and ASIC support;
  • Any custom mining software support (incl. dual mining);
  • Advanced hardware monitoring;
  • Profitability auto-switching – finds the most profitable coins to mine;
  • Easy setup and use;
  • Telegram and SMS notifications;
  • And many more!

The development of this product is in the final stages. Currently, we are working on UI improvement and external API integration expansion.

Our team is expecting to release Univeral Miner around October-December of 2018. The Demo version will be released in October.


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