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The last Project Status Update was only a few days ago. Now, due to demand we have decided to give an update specifically on our unique mining software.

In our recent publication, we revealed the notable achievements and upcoming plans for our platform StackOfStake. In this article, I want to tell you about our Universal Miner (UM) development and release.

The release of mining software was initially planned for the end of December 2018. After internal team discussions, we have decided because of the popularity of StackOfStake, to focus on other aspects of the Scriv Ecosystem. It’s a well-known fact that mining isn’t the largest demand in the present market situation. Hashrates of almost all cryptocurrencies are falling, with mining software being switched off in a lot of cases as a result. Of course, when we release ours, you wont need to switch ours off as it uses profitability auto switching! We want to make our auto miner even better and have discovered new ways to do this with the Spring release. Upcoming approximate release date is Spring 2019.

You can already visit the website created by our very talented lead developer, MSV Autominer to see the features which the Universal Miner aka UM will provide:


Also, we will introduce our demo version of this service 1-2 month before the actual full release. You will be able to see the improvement process by yourself.

A future domain name we will be using will be UNIVERSALMINER.APP.

The functions of the Universal Miner includes:

  • Cross-platform – Windows or Linux;
  • CPU, GPU, and ASIC support;
  • Any custom mining software support (incl. dual mining);
  • Advanced hardware monitoring;
  • Profitability auto-switching – finds the most profitable coins to mine;
  • Easy setup and use;
  • Telegram and SMS notifications.

To ensure a long and sustainable lifecycle and strong user support, this service will utilize subscription plans. You will be able to buy monthly, quarterly, yearly or lifetime subscription. The payment can be made in SCRIV (with a significant discount) or BTC.

Unlike many other complex mining software products, UM is very easy to install. You only need to create the main server from where all your rigs and hardware is managed (semi-automatic installation with script) and install UM application to every rig (fully-automatic installation with script).

Thanks for your attention and support. See you in the next Project Status Update, which will be published very soon with some exciting news 😉

Prepared by Lova, reviewed by Nigel S.

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