Hey, there. Lova with you!

Today I want to share things we have achieved during Q1-Q2 2019, and what should you expect from the Scriv Network team during the second two quarters of this year.

Marketing campaign

The year was started with the marketing campaign which was quite successful. After the listing at Coinmarketcap, our project got a lot of exposure that really helped a lot. During the marketing campaign, we had community contests, influencers’ advertising, banner ads at masternodes.online and other websites. For more details check out our blog publications:: Marketing Update, Marketing Community Involvement.

Insight block explorer development and release

Our development team planned to release Insight explorer for SCRIV. This explorer provides a number of great features like a wide range of data representation, own API, etc. You can learn more about it at insight.is.

Fortunately, SCRIV was listed at CoinExplorer. It provides API, which will be used for SCRIV mobile and web wallets development. Also, they have an inbuilt platform for Community Governance, which is also planned for our project. SCRIV CoinExplorer is available at the following link: www.coinexplorer.net/SCRIV.

Android and iOS applications for StackOfStake

This point was one of the most ambitious and hard from Q1-Q2 2019 roadmap. Not only for complexity, but also for technologies used. StackOfStake Android and iOS mobile apps were built on Flutter. They share the same source code, that gives us a great benefit in maintenance and updates. Instead of two different apps, we are taking care of one!

Mobile applications have all features presented at website stackofstake.com. To use it, you need to connect your account via API (which will be covered in the next paragraph). There are multiple articles in the official StackOfStake blog about apps handling: SOS News — Mobile Apps, The big benefits of mobile apps at StackOfStake.

StackOfStake Public API release

This is also a very important milestone, that we have successfully achieved. Now any developer can connect to our service, manage own investments via API calls, and even more – earn with us!

Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone integrated with s right now yet. When StackOfStake will have the first API partner, we will reveal a lot more interesting things about it. So stay in touch 😉

Universal Miner demo version release

Universal Miner is one of the ultimate services of our ecosystem. It will allow anyone to manage their ASICs, GPU miners remotely and in the easiest way (learn more).

We were really proud to release its Demo Version and show the basic functionality.

It’s available anytime at demo.universalminer.app (Login: demo Password: demodemodemo).

We have also planned to release the UX/UI update somewhere in Q2 2019 but failed because of heavy load on StackOfStake development. So this point of the roadmap is moved to Q3-Q4 2019.

What’s next? – Plans for Q3-Q4 of this year

The plans for the next two quarters of 2019 are even more ambitious than on the previous ones.


First of all, we are going to release a fully-reworked UX/UI for StackOfStake. It will look really professional and increase project confidence a lot!

Another task with high priority is a providence of the first real use case for SCRIV coin via StackOfStake. SCRIV will be used for Premium subscription payment (to access platform advanced features). We are also thinking to add one more utility for SCRIV inside StackOfStake, but the decision is not released yet – dev team needs time to see how it will suit.


There are a lot of asks from the community to develop Android and iOS wallets for SCRIV. We will do our best to achieve it during these two quarters. The project dev team is up to build in on Flutter (for easier maintenance and updates). Currently, the front end is completed, and back-end is in progress. If you are (or know the person) blockchain+back-end developer familiar asp core net / nodejs /python, and what to help with this task – reach us [email protected].

Universal Miner

Before this time, Universal Miner was1 pretty unknown part of the Scriv Network ecosystem. But it will be revealed soon!

With the fancy user interface, full functionality and nice performance. Our team is planning to market it all over the miners’ communities, to make people familiar with a decent alternative to HiveOS, Minerstat, and other competitors!

Don’t forget – UM subscription will also be paid in SCRIV 🤩

Data Assurance

Data Assurance and Verification platform development is frozen because of low interest from the potential partners (that was planned from the very beginning of the project), and also because of bad business perspective (there are no possibilities for good development process without external financing). We like to focus on things that will be beneficial for us and our community. For now – these things are StackOfStake and Universal Miner.

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