Hello, I am Enoch Adigun! A Crypto Enthusiast, I have scrupulously spent the last 5 years studying the rise of Cryptocurrency and visited a lot of Cryptocurrency conference in different parts of the world to be abreast with trends; consequent to that, I matched my experience with Marketing. I am passionate about marketing, generating publicity and management. I firmly believe that my entrepreneurial experiences give me an edge as a marketer. I have what it takes to generate, lead and convert sales. My communication skills are impeccable; with the ability to build a lasting relationship with customers. My forte is but not limited to using digital Media to generate sales and I have a track record of success in this niche.

It has been an amazing time so far for the Marketing team of the Scriv network; with so many hurdles crossed and milestones achieved. This improvement is worthy of commendation because the Scriv network has made remarkable growth in its not so long commencement. This project in the master node space is quickly gaining the needed relevance to bring tremendous profits to its investors through its marketing team. For the record, it is needed to state that the Scriv platform won the MNO Contest on Twitter which indicates its strong Social Media Presence and relevance on the digital niche. Consequent to that, it means the project is fast gaining the needed relevance among its peers in the master node space which makes it viable for the banner advertising on the master node online platform to increase its awareness among prospective investors. The notable relevance the Scriv network has garnered through its marketing team gives it a unique name and could further leverage with other Cryptocurrency related platform such as bitcointalk, Reddit and Steemit to make her project go viral.

The marketing team has the publicity of the Scriv Network at heart; and in addition to the digital method of marketing, the Scriv network Marketing team has thought of rural publicity. This idea is novel and the goal is that the entire community knows about the Scriv network either by digital or per person awareness; the goal of the marketing team is that the Scriv network goes viral. The awareness is aimed at informing the public about its stack of stake platform which is a platform inside the Scriv ecosystem that is focused on bringing the master node features in the crypto space to the least technically savvy person. The Scriv marketing team is aware of the fact that the audio Visio form of publicity is the most efficient form of publicity and that is why a lot of care is being taken to ensure that our YouTube marketing gets to the most suitable crypto inclined audience. These and more are to be expected to form the Scriv marketing team.


In Nigeria, the Meet up will take place in Ibadan, Oyo-State (the Largest City in West Africa). There are thousands of Crypto enthusiasts in this state and with the growth of Scriv, they will be so much interested in this network. The topics and trends to be discussed include:

  • Ideas on setting up Scriv Master node
  • New project status update (Stack of stake)
  • The Blockchain Technology and investment opportunities
  • Data Assurance and Verifications
  • Scriv ecosystem service; amongst others.

This meet up program is aimed at creating awareness about Scriv network/ stack of the stake, to enlighten young Africans about the relevance of Scriv stack of a stake in the Blockchain space, to also  enlighten financial and business experts on the importance of getting into Cryptocurrency by investing with Scriv , to engage potential investors and enthusiast on how to set up an SOS powered by Scriv.  Ultimately, it is aimed at bringing more investors into the community.

You probably know that we are planning to launch a major marketing campaign in February 2019. Any community member can improve its quality and size with cryptocurrency donation using addresses below. Don’t hesitate to tell about it, and your input will be mentioned in the next Project Status Update!

BTC          13eWRNJgE9fvvnqhsvaGqshyhpDh1WjvoQ
ETH         0x24AB6cE22A719e7930ddb81Ae30460b850187eCe
LTC          LSEWKrXdiywC91KqNQbvZeRGqjxRwEGGrr
SCRIV      seKkB9LzfnedYR4aAt2gzeM3VW217W6vXS

The growth recorded by the marketing team from inception is laudable; with the improvement of the number of investors on board and interactions in the community. This growth is just an indicator that there is a newer and fresher milestone to achieve and this is what the marketing team aims at achieving.

Prepared by Adigun, reviewed by Lova.

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