Hello, scrivians! Lova with you.

As you all probably know, February is the month of marketing for The SCRIV Network. We have already refreshed our website, released updated roadmap, was featured at several articles, and got a banner advertisement at coinvasity.com. Press releases about SCRIV coin and related services, masternodes.online banner advertisement campaign and many more cool activities are coming soon!

And now, it’s a perfect time to hear community ideas. Where do you like SCRIV to be advertised?

Suggest it using this form — FORM.

Event time: 13th Feb – 20th Feb 2019.

Help us to spread the word!


P.S. Your fund contribution would also be highly appreciated* 😉

SCRIV seKkB9LzfnedYR4aAt2gzeM3VW217W6vXS | BTC 1Q4qfWtGX7ifn82CpgXoYmGhVJdS5bG6UQ | DASH XmxtsNfWqMWtAvBaPUNiv1LJSPfqxHfeY3 | ETH 0x2e1336BF87DBD423542C3A85Fd129F43B0d65158 | LTC LYHfZn8eY7VcuXZn9j5BsbBhDDyXBSenEd

*All collected funds will be spent on advertisement proposed by the community.

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