StackOfStake development

Currently, the SCRIV Core Team is primarily focused on completing StackOfStake improvements. Full automation has been approx. 80% completed by Qlee and a contract programmer.
A new UI, featuring improved and expanded statistical data, is also being developing by Lova and Blocktrasher. It will be built upon a clean Bootstrap with some fancy features – so SOS will remain as easy-to-use as it is.

Also, codebase implementations are being added for the possibility of future integration in the upcoming SCRIV verification service.

SCRIV assurance service

The SCRIV assurance service is also on the agenda. The development team is taking small, but regular steps to further research and architecture development. This service will be delivered as a plug-and-play network. This means that developers will be able to connect their apps through an open API and use the data assurance and verification functionality within their own programs.
Currently, we have fallen behind on initial roadmap deadlines. The complexity of development is higher than we expected. That’s why we are delivering to YOU services like SOS and others, to build an infrastructure around our project, and then – unite them with the main data verification service.

New service of SCRIV ecosystem

In our BitcoinTalk Announcement, you might have noticed the new cryptocurrency liquidity service we seek to implement in the future.
It’s not a secret that most coins are boosting their volumes at exchanges. The cryptoservices sector is pretty shady right now.
And SCRIV knows how to make it clear and transparent.
The placement of this service in our roadmap is right after the SOS Stable version release.
More details about SCRIV Liquidity Service will be released soon.


Currently, we are reviewing the cheapest and most effective methods of advertisement. I personally don’t like to throw out the premine and raise funds. We will pay for listings and ads only if we are 99.9% sure they will work.

Also, we are searching for people who can promote SCRIV on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, regional social media, etc. Please, contact us at [email protected] for cooperation conditions.

Team expansion

The SCRIV team is always looking for active and skilled people. If you are a developer, marketer, designer or have other useful skills, and want/can help our project – feel free to email [email protected] !


Since our community is looking for Scriv to be listed on a higher-volume exchange, we are opening the “Donation Fund.” All monies raised here will be allocated for purposes to be determined by the SCRIV community. The current target is a listing on CryptoBridge. 0.113 BTC has already been collected. Any cryptocurrency is accepted as a donations.

The donation addresses are:

BTC: 1Q4qfWtGX7ifn82CpgXoYmGhVJdS5bG6UQ
ETH: 0x2e1336BF87DBD423542C3A85Fd129F43B0d65158
LTC: LYHfZn8eY7VcuXZn9j5BsbBhDDyXBSenEd

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