Hey, there. Lova with you!

I’m super happy that you, my dear reader, are still with us. The cryptocurrency market keeps falling and SCRIV project keeps developing 🙂
We had a very productive November with a large number of announcements and even temporary SCRIV coin bull run. I hope, that everyone is charged up with energy and confidence in our ecosystem.
Now, I want to make a sneak peak into the work done and things that are stated in our development plan for StackOfStake.

SCRIV project’s native instant shared masternode service is performing very well. At the market flooded with similar services, our one is always able to find users, who are appreciating instant features, high maintenance quality and fair rewards distribution.

Currently, we have 12 coins listed at StackOfStake. They are not another one masternode coin, but the projects that already showed a good performance and have a potential for future growth. By using a strong listing filter, we are trying to make service users confident that every investment at StackOfStake is worth its time and your funds.

At this moment we have 800+ registered users, 175 shared masternodes running and a total coin sum of 13 BTC. You can always check these numbers at Service Stats Page.

The current version and functionality of the service is not what we are looking to stop. Backend operation optimization, adding new coins, improving UI – are the things we are doing constantly. Here is a list of major updates we are currently working at:

Public API

Any developer will be able to integrate StackOfStake into own application or website. Just few clicks and the user is participating in shared masternodes from any web page.

We are fully confident that with the Public API, StackOfStake and Scriv will be able to catch a bigger niche of masternode services market. For now, only GIN Platform has got this function. While they are offering only full masternode deployment, our service is providing almost full range of possible services.

Mobile Applications

According to the analysis, 30% of StackOfStake users are visiting service with mobile devices. Our team is strongly motivated to provide the best UX for every user. That’s why, at the end of November, we started the developement of mobile apps.

Presently, we have Android app at the coding stage. After the release and successful testing, our developement team will start to work on an iOS app.

In general, with upcoming  Public API, everyone will be able to create their own application for StackOfStake for any platform. May be your version will be better than the official one 😉

Express Trade for BTC

Another ultimate feature we are going to implement is an automatic direct coin swap from/to Bitcoin inside the service. It will allow you to deposit BTC to StackOfStake and purchase coins, without visiting an exchange and long wait for order to fill. Direct trade to SCRIV and other crypto (DASH, ETH, etc.) is also planned. Express Trade will make UX even more smooth and seamless.

That’s all we have to tell about StackOfStake for now. There is a number of other features planned and they will be announced after successful completion of current points of the development plan.

In the next Project Status Update you will learn about our achievements in Marketing and PR, and Team updates will be covered.

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