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The last weeks was amazing! I’m here to share all these info if you missed anything. Also, some cool events are coming soon. So let’s start!


StackOfStake News (SOS News)

Recently, we told you about the latest updates of our headlining service – StackOfStake:

  • Major service update — great UI performance and service security boost.
  • SOS Mobile Apps CBT — everyone is welcomed to take part in the beta test. Fill the application form to apply.
  • Public API — already in implementation and test state. You will see its shine very soon 😉
  • Premium Plan — will contain a lot of exclusive features. The subscription will be paid in SCRIV.

Read the full article now: SOS News — 20th March 2019 (👏 clap, clap clap)

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The SCRIV Newsletter

One month ago our marketing team has started to make the 2-week news distribution by email. Today we have sent Newsletter #3.

The results of this type of marketing are pretty promising. People are getting easier to reach and notify about the latest news and updates. We are highly satisfied with its results!

SCRIV halving

SCRIV source code stated, that every 4 months the block reward will be decreased by 10%. It ensures fair rewards to miners and reduces hash rate fluctuations.

The new halving will happen on the night 25-26th of March. Block reward will drop from 20.16 to 18.14 SCRIV for miners and from 8.64 to 7.78 SCRIV for masternodes. If you are curious about other SCRIV rewards and halving dates, learn it at SCRIV Emission Table.

Also, you can familiarize with SCRIV emission from the analytics article by Quentin Moreau: 15–07–2018 New decrease in Blocks rewards!


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