Hey, there. Lova with you!

As you know, from the 20th of April — 14th of July we ran a Bounty Competition in which everyone was able to participate by tweeting, submitting videos, articles, and sharing with friends, etc.
I would like to extend a big shout out and thank you to all those who participated! Your input helped us build a strong and active community.
I can easily say that you, the community, successfully met this challenge. Almost 1500 shares with 17.3% conversion rate is a decent result!

Here are some stats (everyone like stats):

Total users participated – 283
Total actions – 2350
Total points scored – 22481
“Free daily entry” clicks – 545

Special thanks to:

Mahfuzul Islam, Иван Салин, dickson Ifeanyi, mbloody, Sheitak, sub, Dima Galeev for being the most active users.
Sheitak, 程诺, maksood2alam, Gocu for promoting and viral sharingThe
Mahfuzul Islam for active video posting (Иван Салин, all your videos have been invalidated :wink🙂

For the full list of winners, visit Bounty Competition Page.
Winners will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their coins from on the 18th-19th of July.

For the others, I can say, that we will run a lot of new challenges in the future. Join our Discord and subscribe or follow us at Twitter. Be sure to not miss any updates.

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