We are excited to announce the BUY’n’HODL event for SCRIV! 🚀

We are offering everyone a cashback in a model of incentive, for everyone who purchases certain quantities of SCRIV and holds them for at least 5 days.

ℹ️ How to participate ℹ️
1. Buy SCRIV from one of the following exchanges:

2. Withdraw to your wallet (it can be FlitsApp, SCRIV desktop wallet, or any other).
3. Fill the Proof-Of-BUY’n’HODL form: forms.gle/eXWMVQZpmPBQ9MnW9
4. Hold your SCRIV coins for 5 days, and receive a cashback.

💰 Cashback rules 💰
• Buy 100-10k SCRIV – Receive 5% cashback (500 SCRIV max).
• Buy 10k-25k SCRIV – Receive 7% cashback (1750 SCRIV max).
• Buy 25k+ SCRIV – Receive 10% cashback (10k SCRIV max).

Event time: 20th August – 27th August 2020 12:00 UTC.

⚠️ Notes ⚠️
• Don’t cheat. All cheaters will be removed from participation.
• Don’t submit the form if you have purchased SCRIV before 20th August 2020.
• The last day to provide Proof-Of-BUY’n’HODL is 27th August 2020. You will need to hold SCRIV until 1st September to receive a cashback if you have bought it at this date.
• You will receive a cashback to address specified in the Proof-Of-BUY’n’HODL form

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