Hello dear Scrivians! 2021 has already started, so we would like to show you that it is currently being developed and the planning carried out:

In January, we are focusing on a community governance bot. The details will probably be exposed in late January.

About SCRIV’s roadmap and its ecosystem:

Express Trade (ET): Express Trade is a function for StackOfStake users like BTC to buy as cryptocurrencies listed on SOS in an easy, secure, easy and interactive way.

We will focus on ET development soon after we finish developing the community governance bot. We don’t have a specific date for planning due to issues: tests, bugs, optimizations, and what is happening in the world. The pandemic has slowed and drastically reduced the economy worldwide. And development is detailed, complex, and delicate, and we don’t want to distribute something with defects. Therefore, the plan is to finish during Q1 – Q2.

Loyalty program: Loyalty Program is a function that users will obtain several benefits at StackOfStake for maintaining SCRIV in separate MN at SOS. From reduced rates to extremely interesting functions, including, it can only be completed when we complete Express Trade! So it’s planned for Q3-Q4.

Trade algorithm: Trade Algorithm is a function to which users can use automatic strategies for trade. Each strategy will work best in a particular type of crypto market, be it a highly volatile market, or swing trade, and other things… We will not focus on the trade algorithm at the moment, so we do not have a defined plan for this.

Universal Miner: Universal Miner is a program, which users/miners will benefit from an intuitive interface, with relevant information in POW mining, like: pools, rates, difficulty, monitoring your machines, temperature, and other things. We are focusing on StackOfStake right now, so we don’t have an exact plan for Universal Miner yet.

What we are currently doing:

⭐️ Governance bot for users
⭐️ Optimizations for SOS events in general
⭐️ Focus on the SCRIV community, healthy marketing, events, promotions, and others cool things.
⭐️ Partnerships

Check StackOfStake Roadmap here: https://kb.stackofstake.com/roadmap

Have a nice year! #WeAreScrivians

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