Hello Scrivians! 2019 has passed, and 2020 is here now. It’s time for traditional 2-quarters update and also roadmap update for the next year.

StackOfStake platform development

This part of our ecosystem had the main focus during the last half of 2020. We have achieved a good result in performance and security optimization; improved our presence in major social media and created some buzz to promote SCRIV NETWORK; unveiled details about public and partner APIs; developed all front-ends for the upcoming update 👇

The next big step of our staking and masternode investment platform will be the release of StackOfStake 3.0 update, which will bring the variety of new unique features (including two utilities for SCRIV cryptocurrency). If you have some new, unique and realistic ideas SCRIV utilities — feel free to share at our Discord server or Telegram chat.

PR and business development were also a big part of the work. Our team has some useful business connections that will, hopefully, playout in 2020. You can expect to see StackOfStake integrated into several third-party websites. The integration will allow to provide our powerful staking infrastructure to new users and create another stream of revenue for website owners. There are countless options for our expansion in the cryptocurrency market. We are at the beginning of 🚆 the way.

We will also be looking to replenish the platform with the new passive income instruments. We are currently researching such options as lending, hashing power marketplace, and more.

Trading algorithms — the new direction of development

The low- and mid-cap cryptocurrency market is known for its low volumes and bad trading experience. There are many reasons for this situation, and one of them is a lack of affordable, publicly-available and easy-to-use tools. And that’s why we have cooperated with a professional trader and bots creator to develop tools that market needs. In the first iteration, we are looking to focus on arbitrage and simple market making bots for the most popular low-cap exchanges.

Also, this point of development will allow us to improve StackOfStake inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange. Sweet addition.

There is one position available in our trading algorithms department, so check out the “Open positions” section 😉 of this post.

Universal Miner — when moon? why so long?

The development of Universal Miner was announced at the end of 2019. It has to become a major ecosystem service of the SCRIV NETWORK. As was mentioned in the previous paragraphs, our main focus was the investment platform development, and the progress with mining software was quite slow.

But, in 2020, we are finally looking to come up with its beta-version release. The UI, based on basic Bootstrap, will be left as it is (during beta).  The application back-end is 80-85% done.

To speed up the development process, we are searching for a vigorous and enthusiastic person, who like to join our team, to make this software go live. See the last section of the post.

We would like to remind that the Universal Miner demo version is always available at demo.universalminer.app (login: demo | pass: demodemodemo).

Open positions at our team

Position: trading bots back-end developer

Job type: part-time/internship.
Our offering: co-founder status, revenue share from sales, equity.
Requirements: Python or Node.js knowledge; Rest API knowledge and trading bot development experience will be a big advantage.

Position: mining software back-end developer

Job type: part-time.
Our offering: decent payment, optional revenue share from sales.
Requirements: the passion for cryptocurrency mining, knowledge and experience in C# and .NET Core.

Interested? — drop a message to 📭 [email protected]!

SCRIV NETWORK is developing the infrastructure services to equip cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with powerful, convenient and universal instruments. 

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