We keep expanding the infrastructure available for SCRIV. Now we are happy to announce that SCRIV was added to ZCore Central – one of the largest masternode hosting platforms in the world 🥳

The platform allows to setup and host SCRIV masternode in an easy way. Pay only 1.49 USD/mo (for 3-month plan) per masternode.

  • Over 150 supported currencies
  • Payment in BTC, ZCR and other crypto
  • Rewards and updates notification system
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS

How to setup SCRIV masternode at ZCore Central

1. Log In or Register at ZCore Central (use our referral link to support SCRIV development).

2. Go to the “Balance” page (we will use ZCR as a payment method in this example).

3. Make ZCR deposit that will be used to pay for masternode hosting.

4. Go to “Masternodes hosting” ➡️ “Coins list” ➡️ “SCRIV”

5. Choose your hosting plan – 1.99 USD/mo (1-month) or 1.49 USD/mn (3-month) and proceed to masternode creation procedure (you need 100000 SCRIV to launch the masternode).

6. Follow ZCore’s instructions 😄

If you have faced any issues – make sure to check our Support page or contact @ZMSRobot (support bot).

Also keep in mind, that you can use ZCore Central from mobile – ZCore mobile apps.

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