The Scriv Network keeps developing, and we saw a huge interest from certain community members to contribute to this development (especially community-related activities).

The community activity development

During the last few months, we had Brazilian, French, Arabic communities launched, the community is constantly offering new listings and different services, Brazilian community managers Guilherme Caressato and Robin Saint are updating the whitepaper, translating the Scriv Network contents, and preparing the frequent crypto-market oriented newsletter.

We (the Scriv team) feel that the community should have more say and power. What is more important — every contributor should be able to request and receive the reward for his input. That’s why we are establishing the Community Fund. At this stage, 100% of SCRIV staking fees from StackOfStake will go directly to the fund.

💰 Community fund address [SCRIV]: se4sgt4hFAgyu8GV9Jvryzj8q7Wji2DBpW

🏛 The place for the community collaboration and discussions: Scriv Discord server

📑 The community channels, team, and other information at

We need more communities

If you are interested to launch the Scriv local community and become a part of the community team (in Telegram, Facebook, or other social media) — please contact the core team for support. But keep in mind that we will be able to support you if the following creterias are met — you are enthusiastic, you can spend 10+ hours per week for community management, you have a clear plan for community development.

From the core team side, we are going to support you in all the community activities. Furthermore, we will set up the vesting period, during which a portion of the Core Team Fund will be distributed to you (this will ensure not only the community decentralization but also the SCRIV supply decentralization).

We need more active community members

If you want to contribute to the Scriv Network grow — propose, discuss with the community, and receive funding directly from the Community Fund. It can be anything: marketing activities, service development, listing, writing, art, etc. Be creative! Your proposal should be structured and well-explained.


StakeDrop at StackOfStake

We are releasing the StakeDrop feature 🎇 The StakeDrop provides SCRIV stakers with irregular bonuses and increased rewards. Learn more at This is another cool benefit of HODLing and staking SCRIV. The next StakeDrop is coming soon, so don’t miss your change to get some free crypto!


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