We are excited to announce about a partnership between the SCRIV Network and HighPay-Pool!

More awareness, more utility, more strength for SCRIV!

What is HighPay-Pool?

It is the mining service inside your web browser. You can mine different cryptocurrency (currently JSEcoin and Webchain) and convert it to any other coin (BTC, DOGE, SCRIV and others). This type of mining will consume the power of your CPU. It’s not super-profitable but can earn few cents from the free resources of your PC or laptop 😉

Also, you can deposit BTC, LTC, GRC, SHND, and exchange it for other supported cryptocurrencies.

This service is created and run by a small group of young and talented programmers.  We are happy to cooperate and work with them closely.

How to start earning SCRIV with HighPay-Pool?

  1. Register at service website – highpay-pool.com;
  2. Choose miner – “Monero” or “Webchain”;
  3. Adjust “Threads” and “Speed”;
  4. Click “Start”;
  5. Convert cryptocurrency you mined into SCRIV and withdraw it.


HighPay-Pool Discord | HighPay-Pool Twitter