Hello, SCRIViants! Lova here.

Our team keeps searching for strong partnerships and good opportunities for the SCRIV Network. Present cryptocurrency space is full of various projects. But only a small part of them are really working to deliver a good and usable product to the entire community. And we are trying to find these true gems.

Today we are happy to announce the partnership with SocialSend! This is a well-known project that released in early 2017. The have survived during the bear market (same as SCRIV), and keep developing its infrastructure for the real use cases (same as SCRIV 😉).

SocialSend allows you to send SCRIV via Twitter, Discord, Facebook, phone number, email or platform username.

Do you want to know how to get started? C’mon – it’s easy!

  1. Navigate to socialsend.net;
  2. Login (I use my Twitter account for this example);
  3. Top-up your balance at “Wallet” page;
  4. Click “Send to a friend”, choose your sending direction, and enter the desired amount;
  5. You are wonderful!

What else? SocialSend has in-built cryptocurrency exchange. SCRIV/BTC, SCRIV/LTC, SCRIV/SEND trading pairs are available!

The SCRIV Network partners network is growing. If you like to make your input – join our Discord or Telegram, and initiate the discussion. We need you!

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