Our team is actively developing the 3.0 update of StackOfStake staking and investment platform. In the previous update we have already shared some details (new UX/UI, portfolio builder, etc.). This post helps to understand what benefits will you have by #hodling SCRIV at StackOfStake.


Loyalty program



In simple words – hold SCRIV at your account and enjoy reduced reward fee for all coins in the portfolio. SCRIV that are participating in the Loyalty program keeps receiving instant shared masternode rewards. In other words, those coins are not locked and can be withdrawn from StackOfStake at any time.

The percent discount rates and discount levels data (the screenshot) is not final. These numbers will be adjusted before the release of 3.0 update to make the participation in the Loyalty program fair and affordable.


StackOfStake Premium subscription discount



There will be two options to pay for Premium subscription – in BTC and SCRIV. The payment in SCRIV is more beneficial because of the following reasons: low transaction fee (cheap deposit), fast confirmation time and 20% discount. At the same time, new users (that are new to SCRIV and staking market) can purchase a subscription with the payment method they know – Bitcoin.

The price of Premium subscription is not final. It will be adjusted before the 3.0 update release. The price range we are considering is 3-7 USD/month. More details about StackOfStake Premium features will be released soon in the post at StackOfStake Blog.



Note, that SCRIV is not an ICO/IEO/STO coin. It can be mined with CPU, GPU, FPGA hardware, or masternodes. We are delivering these use cases to straighten our community and increase the value of SCRIV NETWORK ecosystem.




We are developing the infrastructure services to equip cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with powerful, convenient, and universal instruments. 

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