Hey, there. Lova with you!

As you know, from the 20th of April — 14th of July we ran a Bounty Competition in which everyone was able to participate by tweeting, submitting videos, articles, and sharing with friends, etc.
I would like to extend a big shout out and thank you to all those who participated! Your input helped us build a strong and active community.
I can easily say that you, the community, successfully met this challenge. Almost 1500 shares with 17.3% conversion rate is a decent result!

Here are some stats (everyone like stats):

  • Total users participated – 283
  • Total actions – 2350
  • Total points scored – 22481
  • “Free daily entry” clicks – 545

Special thanks to:

  • Mahfuzul Islam, Иван Салин, dickson Ifeanyi, mbloody, Sheitak, sub, Dima Galeev for being the most active users.
  • Sheitak, 程诺, maksood2alam, Gocu for promoting and viral sharingThe
  • Mahfuzul Islam for active video posting (Иван Салин, all your videos have been invalidated :wink:)

For the full list of winners, visit Bounty Competition Page.
Winners will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their coins from on the 18th-19th of July.

For the others, I can say, that we will run a lot of new challenges in the future. Join our Discord and subscribe or follow us at Twitter. Be sure to not miss any updates.

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