From mission-critical government operations to business and personal use, SCRIV will validate, authenticate and protect critical data.

SCRIV revolutionizes data storage with IPFS (Interplanetary File Storage) and provides next-level data validation with blockchain hash analysis. SCRIV is useful for governments, small and large companies as well as educational institutions, copywriters, artists and a lot more besides.

Document Timestamping

This function is useful for legal applications where determining the originality of data is highly valuable.

The SCRIV network can verify that digital data, such as documents, photos, videos, etc., have not been altered or modified since being immutably registered and timestamped on the SCRIV blockchain.

Demonstrating Data Ownership Without Revealing the Actual Data

This is useful for content creators as well as retailers who sell digital goods. Content creators protect their content by assigning a unique identifier (hash) on the SCRIV network. The identifier is then given to authorized resellers. Customers quickly check the identifier on the SCRIV network to be certain the reseller owns the rights to sell the content.

Verifying Document Integrity

The SCRIV network is useful for ensuring the integrity of business documents and contracts. When a document, such as a contract, is registered on the SCRIV network it is then impossible for changes to be made without the knowledge of both parties. If changes are made, the document will fail validation.

Preventing Unwanted Duplication and Overwriting

The SCRIV blockchain, in combination with the IPFS network, protects against unwanted storage duplication and overwriting of documents.

Learn more about the Data Assurance service in the



Q1 2018


SCRIV NETWORK | SCRIV Official Mining Pool launch
SCRIV NETWORK | Minor pre-launch and after-launch marketing campaign
SCRIV coin | SCRIV blockchain genesis block – 10th March 2018
SCRIV coin | Exchange fast listing – Graviex
SCRIV coin | Decentralized exchange listing – BarterDEX
SCRIV coin | Listing confirmation at VicEX  |  pending

Q2 2018


SCRIV NETWORK | Major marketing campaign
SCRIV NETWORK | Community bounty campaign
SCRIV NETWORK | Release of reworked website and whitepaper
SCRIV coin | Hardfork, to bring improved low-emission economy model
SCRIV coin | Essential listings: MNO, CoinLib, calendars, mining calculators, etc.
Data Assurance | Market research and analysis
StackOfStake | Service v.1.0 release – exclusive for SCRIV coin holders
StackOfStake | Scalability Update development
Universal Miner | Development start

Q3 2018


SCRIV coin | Crex24 exchange listing
Data Assurance | Integration posibility evaluation – data transfer, IPFS, files size and service scalability
Data Assurance | Priorities change – focus on other ecosystem services
StackOfStake | Service v.2.0 Public Release
StackOfStake | First partnerships and projects listed
Universal Miner | Core application development
Universal Miner | New features, integrations, and improvement research

Q4 2018


SCRIV coin | Coinmarketcap listing
SCRIV coin | STEX exchange listing
StackOfStake | Security audit by Cryptech Services
Universal Miner | Profitability switching and pool management algorithms development
Universal Miner | Internal alpha test

Q1-Q2 2019


SCRIV NETWORK | Marketing campaign
SCRIV NETWORK | Whitepaper v.2.0 release
SCRIV coin | SCRIV Insight block explorer launch
SCRIV coin | Web wallet release
SCRIV coin | Paper wallet release
StackOfStake | Premium plan release (advanced statistics and usability) – to be paid in SCRIV
StackOfStake | Mobile apps for Android and iOS release
StackOfStake | Service public API release
Universal Miner | Demo version release
Universal Miner | UI/UX improvement

Q3-Q4 2019


SCRIV coin | Android, iOS wallets release
 SCRIV coin | Bigger exchange listing
 SCRIV coin | Coin burn
Data Assurance | Hardfork/swap of SCRIV coin for full compatibility with new protocol
Data Assurance | Service alpha version release
StackOfStake | Express Trade feature release
StackOfStake | Service v.3.0 release – details to be announced in future
Universal Miner | Public release



SCRIV NETWORK | StackOfStake Express Trade feature becomes a separate ecosystem product
SCRIV coin | Desktop lite wallet release
 SCRIV coin | Coin burn
Data Assurance | Service public release
Data Assurance | IPFS integration
Data Assurance | Public API beta release
Data Assurance | IoT Integration research
 SCRIV Express Trade | Non-masternode coins listing



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