The cryptocurrency

Current Block Number

3.85 GH/s
Network Hashrate

Mining Difficulty

74311232 SCRIV
Coin Total Supply

$SCRIV cryptocurrency is a great alternative for your company and for your personal use! Portable, fast transactions, cheap fees, to every person and every occasion.

If you have cryptocurrency knowledge, you are in the right place! But if you don’t, you are in the right place as well! $SCRIV has the largest support community for beginners in this giant crypto market, being the right place for you to learn everything you need to pioneer the world of digital currencies. Join us! #WeAreScrivians

After all, you have the right to show us where we’re going! What would you like to do with $SCRIV?..


$SCRIV is a native cryptocurrency on the Scriv Network. $SCRIV is a fork of Dash (which is a fork of Bitcoin) and based on Tribus mining algorithm.

  • Mine it using GPU or FPGA cards
  • Earn from running a masternode
  • Buy at an exchange

Choose the mining pool and follow the Mining guide.

You can learn mining profitability using the mining calculator.


High-Pay Pool
Earn SCRIV by mining inside your browser

Send SCRIV via Twitter, Facebook, Discord, email

Vidulum App
Earn VDL by holding SCRIV in the app

MoneyByte Investing
Adjust your risk by investing in hedged masternode pool